Advance Logistics & Procurement Corporation is committed to quality and a continuous improvement process for both our clients and organization.  Testing of all processes and products yields the highest standard and quality. Our team of professionals pride themselves on timely delivery.  It is our responsibility to ensure the level of quality exceeds our clients’ expectation by being compliant to establish quality management systems, standards, governing codes, local regulatory laws and measurements. Alpco is presently in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 compliance & certification.

Our quality awareness is developed through process improvements, and the training and development of our employees.

At ALPCO quality is a fundamental part of our guarantee in striving to be a world class service provider.   Our key processes comprise of:

Research and development of our products

Helping to define and improve our products through feedback and interaction with our employees and customers.

Conducting internal quality audits and management review for an ongoing evaluation and improvement of our quality system.

Our quality planning includes process development, quality control plans and training plans for all employees and verification and validation of all documentation prior to being issued to our clients.